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Mechanical Engineering

In line with the civil engineering sector, we carry out mechanical engineering services for our clients at Mile-Stone Works Limited.

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

In this area, we have a team of experts with extensive education and experience in electrical engineering.

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Civil Construction Works

Our teams consist of civil and structural engineers, designers, architects, and consultants who offer a range of civil engineering..

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Marine and Stevedoring Engineering

Mile-Stone Works Limited marine engineers are well-trained in a broad range of onshore and offshore services. ..

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Oil and Gas Services

Mile-Stone Works Limited provides engineering, procurement, commissioning, installation and maintenance services in the Oil

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Fire Protection System

At Mile-Stone, safety is one of our top priorities and we understand the need for appropriate preventive measures.

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Industrial Insulation

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in the installation of industrial insulation for a wide range of applications… 

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Structural Steel Works

Structural steel Works is an essential building material for many construction projects and at Mile Stone Project Limited, 

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H.V.A.C/Duct Works Installation

We are a leading provider of H.V.A.C Duct work installation services. As building owners and contractors ourselves, we

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Procurement and Logistics Services

We specialize in the provision of exquisite procurement services that cut across the requirements for engineering, construction
and sectors. We go the extra mile in acquiring the supplies, materials, and equipment that are needed for realizing the design

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Why Choose Us

Mile-Stone Works Limited is an integrated service provider with a focus on the
delivery of sustainable engineering solutions. We design truly innovative and unique
approaches to execute the requirements for projects of different sizes, across
several industries. We stay abreast of on-demand trends in the engineering industry
and access our wide network of business relationships to ensure that we deliver
perfection with continued improvement for excellence.

We maintain the consciousness of international standards while broadening our
creative strategies to engineering and installation projects. We take no
compromises and we use no shortcuts. From consultation to execution and
implementation, we deliver on schedule with the exact projected outcomes
according to your demands.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority so we enlist our resources, team effort, and
applicable services to give you the best results. Our project management experience
ensures the sustainability of your project outcome with timely delivery that exceeds

Our quality-first approach to procurement guarantees that your project is executed
flawlessly, with the expertise of our professional team. At Mile-Stone Works
Limited, we take your plans and desires and transform them into a reality that meets
international standards.

When you choose to work with us, you enjoy the unique experience of services
delivered from an extensive portfolio of success stories. Our passion for excellence
is indisputable and it lies at the forefront of our business operations.

Mile-Stone Works Limited is the engineering services company that you want on
board; we go the extra mile to ensure that your milestones are accomplished to
perfect international standards at all levels.

Mile-Stone Works Limited prioritizes your desires and delivers excellence!


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